Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Mad Tea Party With Alis

Hello! I started this blog last year and it was my first attempt in blogging, but I quickly lost motivation and abandoned it. But about 2-3 months ago I started another blog, A Mad Tea Party With Alis, and it is my primary blog, I update it at least few times a week. It's about design, interior inspiration, and all things beautiful and decor related. So please visit my active blog, this one is inactive, the only reason I'm not deleting it is because I kind of like the name and want to keep it reserved for future blog projects. Click on the invitation below, it's the link to my blog, thanks!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Relationship Indicator

This sofa is embedded with patterned lights which react to seating arrangements. When you sit on the sofa with your significant other, the sofa tells you whether you are drifted apart or in a loving mood. If you are sitting at a distance from each other, a cold blue pattern begins to grow around you. When you move towards each other, the sofa approves of you by warm pink petals.

The petals will randomly illuminate around your body and disappear when you move to another spot, meaning an ever evolving and changing pattern display occurs.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fall Heels

I love wearing heels in the summer but i just realized i have to say goodbye to my beloved platforms, peeptoes and the rest with the weather turning all wet and cold. I'm really not in the sneaker or boot mode yet so I've been obsessed with trying to find the fall heels that will steal my heart.

I saw these on Libby Callaway's wardrobe suggestions at Glamour and immediately fell in love with them. It was black yet wearible-with-anything with the wooden sole giving it a very soft and polished look.

These are also nicely shaped platformed ones for those of you who can't get themselves to like wedges. But these ones being Jessica Simpson, I had to broaden my search to find a pair that is more respectable.

This one's from Topshop and it has a nice snakeskin texture to glamour up the wholly black shoe. My final choice has been from Topshop, a pair very similar to this one but patent leather in rich red. I'll put a picture up here as soon as I recieve them:)

Marian Bantjes

I came across her site several months ago and I've been checking it out in any occasion for my eyes' delight. Her work is so beautiful that I want to have them covering my walls or even get them tattooed on me...